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Captain Robert Beverley Munford,

Letcher's Artillery, Pegram's Battalion, C.S.A.

Ninth-Plate Ambrotype

This is the exact image that appears opposite page 92 of Ham Chamberlayne--Virginian: Letters and Papers of an Artillery Officer In the War for Southern Independence, 1861-1865, edited by C.G. Chamberlayne (1932).  Indeed, an old tag on the back of the case identified it as property of Munford's son, R. B. Munford, Jr., author in his own right of the classic Richmond work, Richmond Homes and Memories.  Captain Munford served through the war in Letcher's Artillery, and he was present at the Battle of Five Forks, where he secured Colonel Pegram's saber following his wounding there.  In his book, Captain Munford's son recalled that his father "...did not prefer to recite the details of [his commander, Colonel William J.] Pegram's death, and that his voice would indicate deep emotion...and he would generally say that he cound not speak of that any more."  

Captain Munford was a dedicated member of Pegram's Battalion Association after the war.  He died October 1, 1900, and was buried in Hollywood Cemetery.

The ambrotype's emulsion is stable, though there is solarization, or oxidation, evident. The extent of that solarization is evident in the scan at left.  On the other hand, the image is clear and details are sharp.   Under magnification, the Virginia State Seal of his top right staff officer's button can be distinctly seen.   At any rate, a highly historic image of a prominent Richmond veteran.

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