Miniature of Jemima Suggett Johnson.


Miniature believed to be Robert Tyler, 1832.


Miniature backs.


Robert Tyler, ca. 1852, Quarter-plate Daguerreotype.



2 Confederate officers, Half-plate Ambrotype.




Louisville, Kentucky Image Grouping from the Johnson/Tyler Families.

This is an exciting family grouping of artistic and photographic images, lately from the estate of Mary Chambers O’Brien Grandy of Norfolk, Virginia. They center around her direct ancestors, Lt. Colonel Charles Flournoy Johnson, CSA (1829-1920) and Mary L. Tyler Johnson (1835-1898) of Louisville, Kentucky. The reconstructed provenance, owning part or all of the grouping, is listed as follows:

Family Owners:

1. Jemima Suggett Johnson (1753-1814), Robert Johnson (1745-1814).

2. Captain Henry Johnson (1794-1862), Betsy Flournoy (1800-1882).

3. Robert Tyler (1805-1852), Mary L. Chambers (1810-1891)

4. Charles Flournoy Johnson, Mary L. Tyler Johnson.

5. Mary Chambers Johnson Wooldridge (1858-1970).

6. Annie May Wooldridge O’Brien (1881-1949).

7. Mary Chambers Johnson “Chamie” O’Brien Grandy (1908-2003).

Non-Family Owners:

8. Skip Mayorga, Meigs Brainard.

9. Meigs Brainard, Russell Hicks.


1. Miniature on Ivory, unsigned, of Jemima Suggett Johnson (1753-1814). Mrs. Johnson became one of the great heroines of the State of Kentucky, one of the “Women of Bryan’s Station, Kentucky” besieged by Canadian Rangers and Indians at that fort in 1782. She led the garrison’s women to a nearby spring outside of the fort’s walls, retrieving water and other items which aided in the defense of the garrison until reinforcements could arrive and drive off the raiding party. Johnson’s infant son at the time was future Vice-President Richard Mentor Johnson, also renowned as an Indian fighter credited with killing Indian Chieftan Tecumseh in the War of 1812.

2. Miniature on Ivory, signed Dubourjal, 1832, believed to be of Robert Tyler (1805-1852), prominent lawyer and property owner of Louisville, Kentucky. The artist was Savinien Edme Dubourjal (French, 1795-ca. 1865). Dubourjal was known to be active in both France and the United States.

3. Quarterplate daguerreotype, ca. 1856, of Charles Flournoy Johnson, with mat stamped Easterly, St. Louis.

4. Quarterplate daguerreotype, ca. 1852, of Robert Tyler, accompanied by Tyler’s newspaper obituary.

5. Two cased sixthplate melainotypes, backs of plates inscribed “Feb’ry 1858” on each, of Captain Henry Johnson (1794-1862) and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy Johnson (1800-1882).

6. Cased halfplate ambrotype of two Confederate officers, one of which is probably Lt. Colonel Charles Flournoy Johnson, who served on the staff of General Simon B. Buckner, C.S.A. The second officer in the image could be Charles’ brother Colonel Robert A. Johnson (1817-1886) of the 2nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Orphan Brigade.

7. Cased sixthplate ambrotype of a relative in military uniform, not specifically identified, holding a kepi with the letters CV.

8. Lot of three cased images, ca. 1860, of family members, and four images of later composition, latest would date to about 1910 or so.

Price: $15,000