Captain Benjamin James


Company G, 38th Virginia Infantry

Army of Northern Virginia




ca. Spring, 1863





Brigadier General

James J. Archer

of A.P. Hill's Division

Army of Northern Virginia

ca. 1863


Salt Print

taken from original negative

During the War

Provenance to Ewell Staff Officer



Virginia Belt Buckle

and Colonel's Collar Stars

of Colonel James Gregory Hodges

14th Virginia Infantry

Killed in Pickett's Charge


Letter to Mrs. Hodges

from Captain John D.S. Cook

80th New York Infantry Vols.

October 24, 1903



One of the Most Important

Of Southern Inscribed

Pistols by Samuel Colt;

Captain Richard Byrd Kennon,

Staff of J.E.B. Stuart



Part of General Philip

St. George Cocke, C.S.A.

Family Collection



Army of Northern Virginia

Battle Flag of

Richmond's Purcell Artillery

Fly-End Quadrant

Captured April 2, 1865


Rest of Flag

In Museum of the Confederacy





Leech and Rigdon Revolver

No. 1386,

Manufactured Greensboro,

Mississippi, Spring, 1864



Surfaced in Lexington,