Muster Roll of Company D, 154th Senior Tennessee

Volunteers, C.S.A., Immediately Post-Shiloh.


The 154th (Senior) Tennessee Infantry Regiment was organized on May 14, 1861, with Preston Smith as its Colonel.  The regiment was generally composed of men from the Memphis, Tennessee area, and it became one of the regiments of General Benjamin F. Cheatham’s hard hitting division of the Confederate Army of Tennessee.  The regiment’s origins dated to 1842, when it was known as the 154th Tennessee Militia Regiment.  When war was declared, the newly organized regiment asked for and retained its old number and it was granted permission to add “Senior” to its regimental number to indicate that it antedated the regiments with lower numbers.  Preston Smith was advanced to Brigadier General, and the 154th became part of his brigade, later that of General Alfred Vaughan after the death of Smith.


The regiment participated conspicuously in many of the bloody battles of the western theatre:  Shiloh, Richmond (Kentucky), Murfreesboro, Chickamauga (where Preston Smith was killed), the Atlanta and Tennessee Campaigns and finally Bentonville.  The end came at Greensboro, North Carolina, May 2, 1865.


Company D of the 154th was known as the “Memphis Zouaves,” and consisted primarily of men of Shelby County, Tennessee.  The captain was Sterling Fowlkes, Jr.  Fowlkes’ name and signature appear on this roll.  The roll covers the period from “…December 31, 1861, when last mustered, until May 1, 1862…”  This was a significant period of time for the Company, and in the section entitled “Record of Events which may be Necessary or Useful for future Reference at the War Department, or for Present Information” the following narrative is hand-written:


Company in the evacuation of Columbus, Ky, March the 1st, 1862.  Company in the Battle of Shiloh April the 6th and 7th, 1862, wounded 14, missing 3 supposed taken prisoner.  In this battle the knappsacks and blankets of the men were piled preparatory to engaging and Monday night when ordered to march to Corinth, Miss.  The Regiment did not pass the place of bivouac where the articles were left, consequently they were lost together with company books and papers and muster rolls which will account for the omissions of several dates under the head of when enlisted &c, Respectfully, S. Fowlkes, Jr., Capt. Co. D 154th Sr. Regt.  The lost muskets, bayonets and &c. mentioned in Remarks opposite the losers names were not lost in the Battle of Shiloh but previous at different times although the arms and accoutrements of the wounded were necessarily thrown out of the wagons where they were placed but afterwards secured by other portions of the army.


Individual soldiers are listed by name, and many of these soldiers actually signed the document indicating receipt of pay.  Fifty-nine enlisted men, eight non-commissioned officers, and four commissioned officers, totaling seventy-one (71) names of officers and enlisted men appear on this roll, and fully forty-nine (49) of them individually signed this roll.

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