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Of Historical Interest:    The Rediscovery of Lieutenant Colonel Francis Marion Boone, 26th Mississippi Volunteers

                                   Captain R. B. Shearer    

                                   Those amazing Peaks of Otter 

                                   Rare Ninth-Plate Ambrotype of Ensign C.D. Thibideaux, Ninth Louisiana Inf., with his Battle Flag

                                   70th Anniversary of Battle of the Bulge:  Robert A. Ritchie, 501st P.I.R., 101st Airborne


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December 22, 2014









The Otterburn House



Otterburn, ca. 1828.

National Register of Historic Places.

Virginia Historical Landmark.

Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge,

in historic Bedford County, Virginia.

Summary and Description



Lynchburg Restoration, Inc.





House Restoration and Rehabilitation



Progress through January, 2006


At October 31, 2008:

Before and After Comparison








Otterburn Home

Knights of Pythias





The Home in the 1950's


Last Updated: December 21, 2014